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We've left behind the word 'sustainable.' It's been tossed around without real clarity or purpose, often leading to empty accolades. A term that's become a catch-all, signifying everything and nothing. Our strategy is hands-on: we're all about working closely with suppliers and producers, while tackling food waste head-on – not only within our restaurant but also by stepping in at earlier points in the food supply chain.


Working closely with our suppliers empowers us to sidestep single-use plastics. Deliveries come in reusable, returnable, or paper packaging. Our commitment to banishing single-use plastics from our day-to-day operations is evident, with all our procured resources being plastic-free. Occasionally, disposables do slip in. It's the nature of a system driven by human processes – errors can happen. But we're always hustling to prevent what we can and handle the rest the best we can.


This isn't a fixed plan – it's always changing, evolving, and picking up lessons from mistakes, which keeps us on our toes. But its simple: do as much as you can wherever you can. And even with all the constant changes, it's doable, it works well, and it gets results. Our goal is to constantly work toward a circular system that can actually be a practical and effective alternative model for the hospitality industry.



  • What is our animal welfare policy?
    "We are deeply committed to continuous improvement in our standards, particularly when it comes to the welfare of farm animals. Our goal is to be a positive influence on the food system, and we want our community to have full insight into every step of our supply chain. At present, we proudly source free-range chicken for 95% of our menu offerings. However, there are instances when this isn't available, constituting the remaining 5%. When it comes to our livestock sourcing, it's important to consider the unique climate conditions of the UAE. This arid environment means that the majority of livestock must be imported. You might have noticed that beef is not featured on our menu. This is primarily due to the fact that most beef cattle are flown into the UAE as calves. While we aspire to expand our offerings, we always prioritize the well-being of the animals and aim to find sustainable solutions. We remain optimistic and curious about how we can contribute positively to the local food scene while respecting the challenges presented by our environment."
  • Is everything locally sourced?
    We take pride in sourcing ingredients from local farms, many of which follow organic practices, although they may need more formal certification. Our commitment to quality involves personally visiting and vetting each source to ensure they meet our standards. This allows us to serve you the finest ingredients while supporting our local farming community. Our menu is thoughtfully designed to offer year-round options, highlighting the best seasonal products. We prioritize freshness, sourcing locally and regionally whenever possible. While currently, 50% of our ingredients are local, we're on a journey to achieve 100% local sourcing by 2030."
  • How does WANDR get involved in its communities?
    Partnering for a Purpose: As a proud member of Eatopia Holdings, we've joined hands with the Akshaya Patra Foundation. Every meal you enjoy at Wandr contributes to a meal for someone in need. Together, we're making every bite count. Empowering our Team: We believe in empowering our team members through monthly talks, team-building activities, and skill development opportunities. Our goal is to inspire everyone to embrace life beyond the workplace. Sharing the Love for Food: We're always finding creative ways to share our love for food with others. You might catch us sharing our delectable wraps with various communities, feeding leftover bread to seagulls, or collaborating with local families who are passionate about composting! Want to be a part of these initiatives? Reach out to us here!
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